Headquartered on the scenic island of Andøya in northern Norway, Andøya Space is an aerospace company with over six decades of operational experience. With a “can-do” attitude we support scientists, engineers, students and government entities by providing the means to fly, launch, test, research, educate and inspire.

Born in the light of the Aurora

The very first launch of a Norwegian civilian, suborbital research rocket took place at August 18th, 1962, from Andøya.



Andøya Space is committed to the seventeen sustainable development goals through our membership to the UN Global Compact.

Our Approach to Sustainability

The key to our success

The company stand on the shoulders of our extraordinary employees. We strive to provide a motivating and inclusive workplace, and we define ourselves through three core values.

Our Values

Business divisions

Andøya Space is divided into five, specialised business divisions.

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Board of directors

Andøya Space is a corporate company with two subsidiaries, Andøya Space Defence and Andøya Space Education.

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Corporate management

With the guidance of our experienced corporate management, we enable our employees to grow and reach our goals.

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For more information

Please contact us for questions regarding our services.

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