Here at Andøya Space we define ourselves as someone who empowers explorers. We provide the services and technologies that enable the science communities to explore our atmosphere and space environment and we have a long and proud history of missions.

Sounding rockets for science missions

Andøya Space have provided suborbital launch services for sounding rockets since the 1960s and more than 1200 rockets have been launched to explore the upper and middle atmosphere in the Arctic.

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Ground-based instrumentation

When it comes to long term remote sensing of atmosphere regions nothing beats ground-based instrumentation.

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The Alomar Observatory

The Alomar Observatory enables international scientists to explore all layers of the Arctic atmosphere with several lidar instruments from its vantage point on top of the Ramnan mountain at Andøya.

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Payload development

Our sounding rocket payload platform is state-of-the-art, flight-proven and based on standardized parts allowing us to design and build advanced and cost-effective payloads in a short amount of time.

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Cal / Val

Earth observation satellites need to calibrate and validate their onboard instruments regularly throughout their lifespan.

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