Sounding Rockets
ASC is responsible for all sounding rocket launch operations from Norwegian territory, and is capable of handling sounding rockets of all sizes.
ASC operates two sounding rocket launch bases, respectively at Andøya (69°N) and Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard (79°N). Combined, these bases offer a variety of rocket trajectories and access to all layers of the atmosphere.
Together with the numerous ground-based observation sites in the Arctic region, this provides great flexibility for scientists.

The launch site at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, is unique for polar cusp studies. The cusp is the only place where the solar wind directly influence the Earth's atmosphere - and Ny-Ålesund is the only place on Earth to launch sounding rockets directly into the solar wind.

This launch facility has the capability for launching sounding rockets up to Black Brant X in size.
The base at Andøya has several rail launchers for handling vehicles from small meteorological rockets to multi-stage rockets weighing up to twenty tons.

All launchers are covered by temperature controlled movable shelters to protect the vechicles and payload until launch.
The base has six telemetry antenna systems for tracking and data aquisition in the S and C frequency bands, as well as advanced data storage and processing systems for telemetry data.
Sounding rockets launched from ASC have access to a huge impact and dispersion area in the Norwegian Sea. This reduces the need for expensive guidance systems or flight termination systems, and thus saving costs and / or increase the ability to carry more payload to the targeted altitude.

The region has a low-density airspace and sea surface traffic, giving the base great flexibility in planning and conducting complex launch operations.
ASC are well suited to carry out complex missions, both multi-stage scientific rocket missions with several vehicles flying simultaneously and advanced technology test missions, testing out new launch vehicles or space systems.
ASC's customers and partners include ESA, NASA, JAXA, CNES, DLR, IAP and Airbus, as well as a large number of universities and research institutions worldwide.

Point of Contact

For more inquiries about our sounding rocket business, please contact Mr Kjell Bøen, Director, Sounding Rockets & Balloons,, + 47 76 14 44 00