Polar Satellite Launch Service

Located on the Norwegian island of Andøya, 2 degrees north of the Arctic Circle.

ASC can offer:

  • Excellent location for polar and sun-synchronous launches.
  • TM & tracking stations. Svalbard and Tromsø stations are also available.
  • Launch operation experience, gained through more than 50 years of sounding-rocket campaigns.
  • Experience in logistic and custom clearance support.
  • A strategic location: six kilometers from the Andenes airport and harbor.
  • Mild winter temperatures thanks to coastal climate and the gulf stream. The average temperature from November to March is -3 degC.

Our customers already include ESA, NASA, JAXA, CNES, ASI and numerous national and international organizations.

ASC is planning to upgrade its launch facilities to provide, by 2020, a Polar Satellite Launch Service to deliver small satellites to orbital inclinations from 85 to 112 degrees. By then, more than 100 small satellites <50 kg are expected to be launched each year into LEO within this range of inclinations, according to forecasts.

In 2015 ASC has been awarded contracts from ESA and the European Commission to support the design for the upgrades of the launch base.

ASC is currently evaluating potential partnerships with 5 different launch manufacturers.

Mission Analysis Services

ASC uses ASTOS v.8, a mission analysis software which supports engineering activities from “Phase 0” (e.g. Concurrent Design) to “Phase C”, such as launcher modeling & optimization, trajectories simulations, station coverage, safety analysis, etc.

Market Analysis Services

ASC has developed 2 proprietary databases for the analysis of the space transportation (STDB) market:

  • STDB 1: Launched satellites with mass, orbit altitudes and inclinations, users (e.g. commercial, military), purpose (e.g. technology development), launch vehicle, etc.
  • STDB 2: All launch vehicles being developed, their announced performances and orbit delivery costs.