Drone Services
ASC offers versatile, reliable and cost-effective solutions for inspections, mapping and surveys using drones equipped with advanced sensors.
ASC operates a fleet of multirotor and fixed-wing drones suitable for a wide range of jobs, including complex tasks and demand for long endurance.

ASC is among the few operators with a Beyond Radio Line of Sight (BRLOS) capability, enabling effective operations covering large areas, and areas where there is no / limited ground access.
Inspection of Industrial Assets and Infrastructure
  • Roads, railways, bridges
  • Powerlines, cellular mobile communications towers
  • Oil & Gas, onshore and offshore installations
Mapping & Survey
  • Topographical mapping for surveys and GIS
  • Photogrammetry and 3D
  • Land use, forest and wildlife monitoring
  • Precision agriculture
  • Geological surveys
  • Mineral extraction
Expertise in Drone Operations
In addition to very experienced pilots, our specialists within avionics, telemetry, sensors and data analysis enable us to efficiently plan and execute various types of drone missions, including BRLOS flight operations. ASC has comprehensive experience with operations within the Arctic.
Drone Test Range
ASC operates a large test area equipped with a Range Control center linking to tracking, communications and data acquisition systems. Clients will have access to 23.000 km2 instrumented test area within low density airspace.
Point of Contact
For more inquiries about our drone business, please contact Mr Terje Kristensen, Director Sales UAS, info@andoyaspace.no, +47 76 14 44 00