Takes students to new heights
The Canada-Norway Student Satellite program, CaNoSat, sponsored by the Norwegian Space Centre and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is a new program, recruiting an increasing number of students to space physics and technology. It builds on the foundations laid by the CaNoRock program.
CaNoSat is a cooperation between several Norwegian and Canadian organisations:
CaNoSat aims to build and launch five 3-unit CubeSats in a ten year timespan. This will allow uptake of new students every two years to start on a new satellite mission.

Canadian students will be able to spend at least half a year in Norway, and the Norwegian students are expected to stay at least half a year in Canada, which may be for internship and/or academic training. The space mission training will be the basis for the project work as part of a Master of Science degree in Physics, Informatics or Engineering.
Point of Contact
The first launch is expected to take place in 2020, followed by the goal of one additional satellite every 2 years. If realized, kickoff CaNoSat-1 is set for Jan. 2018. For other inquiries about CaNoSat, please contact Mr Kolbjørn Blix, Director of Space Systems,, +47 76 14 44 00