A student's first steps towards the space industry
The Canada-Norway Sounding Rocket student rocket and exchange program, CaNoRock, sponsored by the Norwegian Space Centre and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is an established and extremely successful student rocket program, recruiting an increasing number of students to space physics and technology.
CaNoRock is a cooperation between several Norwegian and Canadian organisations:
Center for Internationalization of higher education (SiU) has created CaNoRock STEP, which provides scholarships (on the top of the regular fundings) - for Norwegian / Canadian students who wants to take advantage of CaNoRock.
Point of Contact
Students who wish to participate in CaNoRock must apply through their university. For other inquiries about CaNoRock, please contact Mr Kolbjørn Blix, Director of Space Systems,, +47 76 14 44 00