Andøya Space is an aerospace company which enables scientists, engineers, students and government entities to achieve mission success and move our world forward.

At the service of science

We provide the services and technologies that enable the science communities to explore our atmosphere and space environment, and we have a long and proud history of successful missions.

Science services


Andøya Space is in the process of establishing a launch site for small satellites at Andøya. Together with selected launch partners we will offer launch services for polar and sun-synchronous orbits.

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Complete system testing

Andøya Space facilitates end-to-end testing of weapon and sensor systems and full-scale operational training exercises. Our test range can perform missions not possible to conduct anywhere else.


A proud history and a bright future

Headquartered on the scenic island of Andøya in northern Norway, Andøya Space is an aerospace company with over six decades of operations. With a “can-do” attitude we support scientists, engineers and government entities by providing the means to fly, launch, test, research, educate and inspire.

Who we are

Andøya Space is Norway’s leading entity for remotely piloted aircraft

We use drone technology to empower our customers and partners, to do research and inspections and to expand the capabilities of national emergency services and other professionals. Our drone test range is one of the largest in the world and can accommodate even the largest unmanned aircraft.

Unmanned systems

Andøya Space provides activities, seminars and conferences related to space technology, space physics, atmosphere, astrophysics, climate and environment.