Information related to COVID-19

Information on which regulations apply when visiting ASC.

National measures and restrictions

Information for Norwegian citizens about travel and the coronavirus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining its global advice against all non-essential travel to all countries. This advice currently applies until 20 August. However, from 15 June, the advice no longer applies to other Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands) where the infection situation meets the criteria set by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

What changes will be made for other European countries from 15 July?

Any exceptions to the global travel advice will depend on the infection situation and travel restrictions in other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want to have travel restrictions in place any longer than is necessary. The Ministry is following developments in the EU closely.

FHI: current travel advice


If you have arrived in Norway from abroad, you must go into quarantine for 10 days after you arrived; regardless if you show symptoms or not. The exception is citizens of the Nordic countries who can now cross the borders on business travels without quarantining.  Read more at the FHI webpages.

Everyone quarantined must stay at home, their hotel room/rental apartment during the quarantine period.

The authorities are asking everyone living or staying in Norway to read the important information and advice provided about coronavirus at and  This advice is updated regularly. The information is available in different languages.

Measures and restrictions at Andøya Space Center (ASC)

General measures for all personnel at ASC

The following applies to both employees and visitors.

Andøya Space Center have implemented some measures and restrictions at the base.  A maximum of 50 people can be gathered in a room, as long as guidelines about infection control are followed and people keep a distance of minimum 1 meter. The coronavirus infects mainly by droplet and contact transmission. The infection can spread through the air (coughing and sneezing), by direct contact with the infected, or indirectly via objects and surface.

Measures to reduce contact to prevent transmission are important in all situations and must be maintained in meetings, between employees, and between employees and visitors.  Where possible, a distance of at least one meter should be maintained between people through the whole working day. This also applies to shared offices. ASC must consider how many people may be present depending on the area available.

Distance must be kept both at working stations and in meetings, at entrances, lifts and similar, where congestion can occur.

The gym and sauna facilities at ASC are closed until further notice.

All people are obliged to practice good hand hygiene by using water and soap and/or ethanol-based disinfectants.

At the Andøya Space Center we don’t serve breakfast and lunch as a buffet, but you will be able to order both breakfast and lunch at Monday to Friday during your stay at ASC. If you suspect you are infected, you must stay away from work. If you are in need of medical assistance, you should first try to contact the doctor by phone (+47) 76 11 51 30. If this is not possible, call the emergency medical service on (+47) 116 117.

You must also alert ASC reception (telephone No +47 76 14 44 00) or your point of contact at Andøya Space Center in case of illness, and we will help you finding a suitable accommodation outside ASC.

Visitors to ASC during a quarantine period

As a visitor at Andøya Space Center we are able to offer you to stay at our accommodation building in Skarsteindalen (approximately 10 km from ASC) for the quarantine period.  During this period you are not allowed to visit Andøya Space Center.  We will not be able to provide cleaning /change of bed linen and towels of the rooms during the quarantine period. Towels and bed linen will be provided on shelves in the hallway of the facility. Food deliveries can be arranged upon request.

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