CHI Launched

ASC and NASA launched the CHI sounding rocket from Ny-Ålesund at 09:29:59 UTC.

The rocket reached an altitude of 361 km while releasing clouds of Barium and Strontium. These clouds were then closely observed by two camera stations at different locations at Svalbard and a NASA aircraft also equipped with special camera equipment.

The Principal Investigator stated after launch that the science conditions were very good. The first initial review of the data collected during the rocket flight indicates a very successful mission.

CHI is an abbreviation for Cusp Heating Investigation, and is one of the twelve rockets in the Grand Challenge Initiative – Cusp.

Photo by Allison Stancil-Ervin, NASA.
CHI is releasing the Barium and Strontium clouds. Photo by Allison Stancil-Ervin, NASA.