Internships Available: Develop Cloud Monitoring System

Andøya Space Center is looking for three summer students to develop a camera system to monitor cloud coverage and cloud properties.

The system will be based on a well proven All-Sky camera, which previously has been used for Aurora research. It is a very professional system with high optical quality and plenty of sensitivity for cloud observations.

The selected students will work in a team and share some tasks as well as assign sub-tasks to individuals in the team. The main task and sub-tasks comprise optical adjustments, software development (Matlab or Python), optical tests and experiments to check the feasibility.

The main goal is to optimise the system for:

  1. Daylight operation
  2. Maximum contrast between blue sky and clouds
  3. Evaluate polarisation properties of different clouds and the sky
  4. Develop algorithms for automatic cloud detection and cloud coverage at night and day
  5. Projection of the all-sky images to geographic coordinates
  6. Automatic calculation of the wind at the cloud base, taking into account a given altitude

The duration of the student internships is 6 weeks and will occur approximately in W25-30. The internships is suitable for students in their 3rd year of study and up, but this is not a limitation.

Applications can be sent to within Monday 30th of April. Student selection will be performed in W18.

For more information about the internships, contact:

Director of Science, Michael Gausa,, phone: 91323135
Director of R&D, Sandra Blindheim,